Immigrant Visa for the Investors – A Detailed Discussion

It is not easy to get through the US immigration. The process has become complicated with time. Now, people struggle to get the immigrant visa of the country. However, it is not that difficult. There are several ways of getting permanent immigrant visa.

Investor Visa

Investor visa is not a new concept. It had been introduced a long time ago. The concept had been developed for a reason. The objective has been to draw foreign capital and the foreign nationals who have got money to invest. If you are willing to pay the price, you will have the opportunity to obtain US immigrant visa.

However, the price is not everything. You need to qualify for the visa as well. Without eligibility, your petition may get denied.

Qualifying for Investor

Now, the question is how you get qualified. This visa is for limited people and everyone cannot obtain this. You will have to invest one million US dollar to be able to file the petition. If you are willing to settle down at the rural area, you will be able to invest half a million US dollar as well. However, a competent immigration Miami attorney is the better person to provide you proper guidance regarding this.

Apart from the investment capital, there are some other important factors that you need to match. You need to create a company with the money. This business should be large enough to employ minimum ten US nationals. You will have to have the desire to take active participation in the management of the business.

In case, setting up a business in the new territory terrifies you, there is other option. You can invest in a business that already exists. You will have to establish that your involvement has succeeded in improving the condition of the business. You need to expand the employment requirements. Your business should be large enough to offer stable jobs.

Once you have established this, you will have to focus on other factors. You will have to establish that the capital you are about to invest has been earned from legitimate sources. This you will have to prove by presenting supporting documents. Without such documentations your petition will be rejected.

If you have decided that you will file the petition, the first thing you need to do is contact an experienced lawyer specialized in immigration. A lawyer’s expertise is required when you are drafting the petition. In this document, you hardly have got the ground to make mistake. One mistake can delay the process and finally result in a rejection. In case some legal complication arises, your lawyer will be able to represent you in the court.

Once you have obtained the immigrant visa, you can apply for the permanent residency of the US as well. If you want to bring your family along, you can apply for them. They will have to match the criteria too.

Important Documents

You will have to submit some important documents if you want to obtain immigration of the US. Your lawyer will be able to tell you what to submit. Make sure to get prepared for the interview.